Kailey Tedesco


Rhythm & Bones Literature:
“the things that live inside me / everything i’d never know”

White Stag Journal:
“in every home i leave forever, i offer my smallest drop of blood”
New South: “Satania”

Sea Foam Mag:
“Materialization” and “Psychometry”

Dream Pop Journal:

Boston Accent Lit:
“lizzie / speak” and “chrysalis sweat / burial ground”

Bone Bouquet Journal:
“Haunted Attraction” and “Lizzie New Age / Lizzie New Wave”

Muse/A Journal:
“Pre-Code Spiritualism” and “ROSABELLE Believe”

“Lizzie Portal / Lizzie Virgil” and “Lizzie Telephonic / Lizzie Telepathic”

“the fox sisters / recipe for ectoplasm”

Mystic Blue Review:
“forecasted” “supernatural eloquence” “when we die our ghost becomes someone else’s dream” “make me spindly”

Always Crashing:

Burnt Offering Anthology:
“moody doll / witch cake”, “hair snarl / flower boil”

“Topiary Megrim / Valentine Ecorche"

“A Journal of Poetry: Lizzie / Lizzie"

1932 Quarterly:
“The Membrane of the World Snaps, Gets Darker” and “3 Means of Divination”

Philosophical Idiot:

Blue Fifth Review (Special Twin Peaks Issue):
“It was Laura / It was Eurydice, H-Bomb Cherry Pie"

Nice Cage:

“Black Velvety / Black Feathery"

“lizzie romantic / lizzie rheumatic"

Anti-Heroin Chic:
“Clairvoyance and Legerdemain"

Three Drops from the Cauldron:
“Witchqueen Obscura”

Ovunque Siamo:
“My Body, Brimming with Ancestors,” “The Growth of my Ribs Cracked Open”

Moonchild Magazine:
“i am a castle / i am a bride”

“i am turning gold / i am dying”

Bad Pony Magazine:
“My Voice Attached Itself to My Ghost, Left Me” , “My Eye, Haunted by a Rag Time Girl”, and “My Ouija says I’m a Hollywood Girl”

Sugar House Review:
“Dollhouse on Unmarked Grave” and “Studies Find Pearls are Teeth After all”

American Chordata:
“The Witch Practices Spells for Loosening the Noose”

Breadcrumbs Mag:
“There’s Your Form Bathed in Grey” “vicious creature / thing of beasts”
Yes, Poetry: “Promise Ring”

“Beautiful & It is Everything”

“Obituary for Another Mermaid Girl”, “Up from the Salt Cellar”, “Girl Shaped like an Axe Murderer” and “The Vampire Who Said he Was You”

“House of the Seven Gables”

The Writing Disorder:
“When I’m Awake, but not Awaken” “Marya Murders the Deathless”

Faerie Magazine:
“Making Witch Bottles with my Mother”

“Ophelia as Lazarus” and “The Ritual Calls for Belladonna”

Luna Luna Magazine:

Waxing & Waning:
“The Place After Crossing Over,” “Cemetery in Lemon…” “Do Not Touch the Moon” and “I Think Death’s a Fig…”

Vanilla Sex Magazine:
“St. Rose of Benevolent Menses” “If Hell Had a Body” “In the Place Without Bodies” and “God in Real Life”

Five to One Magazine:
“Room at the Madonna Inn” and “I Don’t Want to Talk About the Man” “Zoltar”

The Opiate:
“The Place Before Crossing Over” and “I Hear Evil Enter Through the Nothing of Me”

Rogue Agent:
“Francesca’s Tour of the Female Inferno”

Reality Beach:
“The Debut of a Lady in White” and “There are Creatures in These Woods of Mine”  “We Speak Candidly on the Phases of the Moon”

Rose Red Review:
“Then Back Into the Abyss She Fell” and “The Difference Between Life and Death is Antlers”

Quail Bell Magazine:
“Everything Abandoned Must Go On”

Prick of the Spindle:
“Witch Fingers,” “Purity Ring,” “These Ghosts of Mine, Siamese,” and “Oh, Adored Cadaver”

Minola Review:
“In Old Hollywood”

Up the Staircase Quarterly:
“She Saved the World A Lot”

Poetry Quarterly:
“Psychic Reading in Moonstone”

Rust + Moth:
“A Brothel in Rose Quartz”

Preposterous Magazine:
“Can There be God Without Ghosts?”

The Broadkill Review:
“On Picnic at Hanging Rock”

The Yellow Chair Review:
“On The Virgin Suicides”

After the Pause:
“On My Girl”

Milkfist Magazine:
“The Red Thread”

Hypertrophic Literary:
“The Moth Cycle” and “The Way His Aura Sometimes Feels”

Bop Dead City:
“On Flowers in the Attic”

Crack the Spine:
“The Textbooks Will Tell You the Moon is a Face”

Menacing Hedge:
“The Purgatory Choice,” “The Most Beautiful Suicide,” “I hope death will come this way” and “Girlstuff.com”

Wicked Banshee Press:
“Mood Ring” and “Resurrection of the Fawn”

Eternal Haunted Summer:
“Join the Coven of Her”

Hermeneutic Chaos:
“Water, Sweet and Nasty”

“When All the Trees Go Up in Flames, Only Water Puts Them Back to Sleep,” “She Used to Be on a Milk Carton,” “Riding Hood,” and “How Often We Confuse Ovens for Rabbit Holes” “Folie a Deux” “Emily Dickinson’s Dorm Room” “I Ask the Netherworld if Lizzie Borden Did It & This is What it Says”

Jersey Devil Press:
“Asbury Park in the Off Season”

Lehigh Valley Vanguard:
“Neighbor Girls” “The Porch People” “Pink Dreaming”

Boston Poetry Magazine:
“A Mermaid Documentary” “Mademoiselle Paralysee” “The Shipwreck in a Bottle” “Absinthe” and “The Absence of Being”