Kailey Tedesco

Reviews & Interviews

Maudlin House
“The Irresistibility of Life in Ada Limon’s Bright Dead Things”

Rag Queen Periodical
“Exploring Light Magic: An Interview with Lisa Marie Basile”
“Meet Our Poet in Residence: An Interview with Jessie Janeshek”
“Voice is a Key Element: Interview with Catherine Moore”

Minotaur’s Spotlight
“Reviewed and Reconsidered: Danez Smiths’s [Insert] Boy (Yes Yes Books)
“Putting Twee in Poetry: The Girls of Peculiar Combats Kitsch with Kitsch”
“Reviewed and Reconsidered: Erika Jo Brown’s I’m Your Huckleberry (Brooklyn Arts Press)

Luna Luna Magazine
“You Always Find Yourself in Unfamiliar But Familiar Places: An Interview with Samantha Pleet”
“The Love Witch is the Kitschy, Hedonistic, Feminist Film You Need to See”
“You Will Simply Devour Psychic Privates by Kim Vodicka”